Welcome to Gloss Beauty Boutique!

        A trendy home based salon located just North of downtown Seattle. Gloss BB has been personally designed for women to receive undivided attention while enjoying quality services.

Gloss BB is built based on Chrisanne's aspirations for the beauty industry and the fact that she was eager to pursue this passion while continuing her own personal stages of life. She is a happy wife, loving mother of three, and the successful small business owner of Gloss Beauty Boutique! She has become a trusted beautician by many, and her salon was just the beginning. Her resume entails assisting in a charitable Seattle fashion show, taking part in several wedding day hair and makeup along with working besides a reputable local professional photographer for hair, makeup, and styling.


 Chrisanne's education began at Gene Juarez Academy, where she was able to embrace her love for hair styling, there she was trained and licensed in cosmetology as well as waxing hair removal. Moving forward with her passion with lavished beauty, she studied the fine techniques of eyelash extensions and was trained and certified though Novalash.

As Gloss beauty boutique flourishes, Chrisanne continuously searches for services that will accommodate her clients so she obtained her tattoo artist license to perform an enhanced form of permanent makeup; microstroked eyebrows.  She was gratefully trained by the skilled Kim White and the prestigious Daria Chupry at Daria’s permanent makeup Academy, located in Beverly Hills CA. And, she continuously educates herself with updated techniques in the permanent makeup field.

 While working from home and being a busy mom, Chrisanne has enjoyed staying up to date with current trends and skills through advanced courses and she continues to pour her heart and soul into her passion. I recommend setting time aside for yourself and enter Gloss Beauty Boutique to experience Chrisanne's professional delicate touch, and keen detail to her work for embellished beauty.


        Thank you for your time, consideration and most of all your support; now please explore Gloss Beauty Boutique!